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BEACHES - "Whale Cove Beach"

Whale Cove Beach proper is the thicker part shown on the Google view. The dark areas behind it are inland salt marsh areas, home to much wild life - and added benefit to visiting the beach.

There are two main access points - the western one, via Whale Cove Road is probably the most recommended for first time visitors - there is parking available - just don't block the boat access! (Note: Google maps indicate Johnston Lane as a possible route - it is a private road). The other access point, via Cemetary Lane, is uneven gravel with some watery areas by the time you get closer to the beach. It's also narrow and you can't park without blocking access to homes further down the Lane.

Most of the time it is a small stone & pebble beach - with a wide array of different geological specimens. But Whale Cove Beach faces the mighty nor'easters head on, and a single storm can dramatically change the beach, replacing the smaller stones with much larger ones. In time, however, it always works its way back to a more typical view.

You can also walk west from the Whale Cove Road entrance, either on the cliff side trail, or along the beach. If you choose the beach, be aware of the tides. Close to Whale Cove beach proper, it is possible to scramble up the shore as it is not too high. However, the farther west you walk, the higher the cliff becomes. Always put safety first.

As with all our beach entries, more images will be added over the 2011 season.


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