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BEACHES - "Seal Cove Beach"

We have yet to visit Seal Cove's sand beach but have been advised that "it is the biggest and one of the most beautiful sand beaches on the island!" and "one of the island's favourite spots".

It shares a similar position relative to the Bay of Fundy tides as Deep Cove Beach, and so will most likely have collected many interesting rocks from the highly geologically diverse outer islands - and as a sandy beach, be a great place to take the kids for a day of beach fun.

For photographers, the beach also provides access to the northern breakwater to Seal Cove's inner harbour - and a water view of some of the island's most picturesque history.

The beach is most accessible from the south extension of King Street off Route 776 - turn towards the ocean at McLaughlin's Wharf Inn. Parking is available close to the beach.

We look forward to exploring the area in 2011 - and would like to thank our web contributors for the photos below.


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The McHones' Guide to Grand Manan Beach Stones, J. Gregory & Nancy W. McHone At the Museums, and at the Farmers Market on the Island, or online at:

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